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Photography, Graphics and Writing of Sonja Keohane

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Black and White Photography Gallery 2010 - Black and white as well as toned digital photographs taken in 2009. Processed with PS CS2.

Black and White Photography Gallery 2009 - Black and white as well as toned digital photographs. Processed with PS CS2.

Black and White Photography Gallery 2 - Black and white as well as toned digital photographs. Processed with PS CS2.

Dragonfly Photographs - Digital Photographs of dragonflies taken from 2001 to 2006 at Stillwater Lake, Pennsylvania.

May 2002 - Sailing New York Harbor and the Islands of Long Island Sound.

Mid - Coast Maine - Photographs taken in June 2006 on the coast of Maine in the areas from Pemaquid Point to Camden, ME.

Cape May, NJ - Photographs taken in October 2005.

Stillwater Lake - Photographs taken at Stillwater Lake, Pocono Summit, PA. These digital photographs were taken over a period of a few years.

Photographs of Walnut Hill - Historic barn and mansion house which is part of Valley Forge National Historic Park. 18th and 19th century structures originally belonging to the Pawling and Wetherill families.

Black and White Photography Gallery - Digital photos converted to black and white/toned images using Photoshop CS2.

Digital photographs [ships/tugs] Index

Photographs in this section have all been taken with a digital SLR camera. The exception is the series of photos of the sailboat fire, which as noted were scanned from old Ektachrome slides.

  • Chesapeake Bay Workboats - Digital images produced from black and white negatives. Images taken in 1974 in Annapolis, MD
  • Tugboats on the Chesapeake - Photographs taken November 2004
  • Photographs taken while cruising the Hudson River, New York Harbor, Long Island Sound and the Chesapeake Bay.
  • A series of photos of a sailboat fire - Annapolis, MD
And, in the garden...
Jenkins Arboretum - Early spring wildflowers photographed at the arboretum mid-April 2005.

The Garden - Please visit and see what grows in my garden by way of digital photographs. [108 photographs]

Photographs of flora and fauna common to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Photographic details of Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra)

Native Prairie Grasses - Description of grasses and close-up photographs of grasses in bloom.

American Indian/Native Issues
Who killed Anna Mae? - February 1976, a woman's body is found on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. The FBI SA David Price responds. The FBI pathologist does an autopsy and claims the woman died from exposure. The woman's hand are removed and sent to Washington, DC for identification. The body is buried as an unknown.

"Sioux elders say the winds always howl when the body of a murder victim is moved."

March 1976, the FBI identifies the woman as Anna Mae Aquash. Demands are made for another autopsy. The results indicate that there is a bullet entry wound at the back of the woman's head - Anna Mae was murdered.

"The suspicion remains that Anna Mae Pictou Aquash was killed by an AIM member, who was convinced she was an informer and murdered her in a desperate attempt to stem the flow of information to the FBI and protect the hunted leaders."


Hemp, Sovereignty and the DEA - "Twenty-five federal agents in 11 sport utility vehicles descended at dawn on a 1 1/2-acre field of industrial hemp just four miles north of Manderson (SD)." The information on this page has been continuously updated in order to keep it as current as possible.

The Reservation School System in the United States, 1870 - 1928. - Let all that is Indian within you die! The Reservation Boarding School System was a war in disguise. It was a war between the United States government and the children of the First People of this land.

"When I go home I'm going to talk Indian" A personal story by Carol M. Hodgson.

Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute: American Indian Students (1878-1923) Personal Accounts written by students and student lists by name and Tribal affiliation.

A Presidential Sham - A Presidential Race Advisory Board with no representation by Native People - another insult to the First People of this land...?

The Land of the Dead and the Home of the Forgotten - The national initiative "One America" - will it help to sweep all past injustices under the National rug...?

A Case for Cultural Diversity - Much of the cultural knowledge of this planet goes unlistened to and unrecorded - can we afford to ignore this vast amount of information...?

If, after reading some of the commentary referenced above, you wish more information on the people of the First Nations, I recommend the following WWW pages:

European contact 500 years ago was the beginning of the attempted extinction of the original People of this continent. The justification for this was called "Manifest Destiny."

Nation by Nation, Indians were pushed the beginning, that is. Later on when settlement in the west became desirable, it was necessary to rid the land of Indians again. Massacres such as those at Sand Creek, Washita and Wounded Knee were woven into the historical fabric of this country.

Newspaper articles and editorials added fuel to the fire of anti-Indian sentiment.

The government of this country is not finished yet in trying to solve the "Indian problem", the BIA has now been charged with stealing from Indians - read the book, by Dave Henry available for free as a download. For additional information, I recommend reading the GAO report. In addition to the BIA, another government agency, the Minerals Management Service stands accused of "irregularities"also involving the collection of money belonging to Indians.

The Native American Rights Fund is a Colorado based organization that has lodged a lawsuit against the BIA to find the 2.4 billion dollars of "stolen" Indian money.

So, for 500 years, despite the efforts of this government, both overt and subtle, Indian People survive and are strong with their language and culture intact. You can find the histories of many of the Indian Nations at the First Nations/ First Peoples site.

Just a question before you leave, is what has happened to the First People of this land...all of the lies, the broken treaties, the attempts at it genocide...?

Yellowstone National Park Bison Issue
The Yellowstone Bison Page Updates - "This page is about a completely unnecessary American wildlife tragedy that is still in progress. If anyone thinks that wolves or grizzly bears would be protected by state governments of the interior West were the Endangered Species Act to be "reformed" by western congressmen or governors, just read below about what Montana politicians did, and keep doing, to Yellowstone's bison as soon as they got the chance."

Buffalo Field Campaign - Notes From the Field Update - January 29th 2004.
[Please contact your State Representative and ask for support for: H.R.3446]

Buffalo Field Campaign - Notes From the Field Update - January 23rd 2003.

They are killing the Buffalo Once Again

During the winter of 1996-97 over 1,100 Yellowstone buffalo were slaughtered by the state of Montana and the Montana Department of Livestock. Ostensibly the slaughter was carried out to prevent the transmission of brucellosis to livestock, though no scientific evidence supports such a claim. This senseless slaughter continues even as we approach the winter of 2002-03.

The State of Montana has made it's intention clear with regard to the YNP bison in this brochure.

Buffalo Nations, an affiliate of the Seventh Generation Fund, joined with Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers, concerned citizens and the native american community and opened an office in Gardiner, Montana and West Yellowstone.

"Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area" has been published by the National Research Council, a part of the National Academy of Sciences.

In addition to the information above, I have created a page of annotated links to information regarding Brucellosis, public grazing leases and the efforts to stop the ongoing slaughter of the YNP bison.

Poetry/Prose Index
Prose Index

Words - can they communicate what I want to say - or will you always hear what you want to hear...?

Flash Animation/Digital Graphics
Graphics and Digital Photographs
  • Collages made using my digital photographs and Photoshop CS.
  • Collages incorporating text and photographs.

An assortment of photographs and photograph-based graphics and collages. All photographic material used to create the collages and graphics is from my own digital photographs.

Flash Animation

A variety of flash movies created using Macromedia Flash 5 and Flash MX.

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